Big Healthcare Vendors and Voice

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Big Healthcare Vendors and Voice

Welcome everybody to the SimpliSpoken voice Daily News flash. I’m John, we’ve got Mark with us and we’re going to continue our series on a deeper dive into healthcare in honor of HIMSS that’s happening this week. For those of you that don’t know, that’s the big healthcare show that everybody attends, and nothing gets done. But that’s just my personal opinion. So for today, I think I’m going to pose a question for Mark, Mark tell us a little bit about the vendors in the healthcare space to the traditional vendors. I should say not the new voice vendors and what they’re trying to do to kind of capture voice and utilize voices and other means to deliver the light to their customers.

Mark Phillips 0:44
Yeah. Hey it’s a great question it’s an interesting thing to look at. So if you look at the big kahuna is in the space like Epic or Cerner, or Meditech in the small to medium hospitals they’re nibbling at voice a little bit. So actually Epic is teasing voice in their user group but they haven’t really put it in the product, Cerner is looking at voice as well but again it’s not available in the product

Interesting work in the space Epic is sort of working a little bit with Vandy, who’s done some good work in the voice space. Meditech actually as a small vendor is doing interesting work in the space in that they’re trying to do really a few things. One is information retrieval, Another can select the record to create an order or prescribe and then three is cannot navigate so I can make it easier for provider to get to a spot in the record that they need to be at perform whatever they’re trying to do. But I think if you listen to the echo chamber they’ll say hey Voice and healthcare is great but if you look at what the vendors are doing that have all the sockets and healthcare they’re not really really bringing voice out today

John Goss 1:57
Awesome take Mark I think you hit the nail on the head when we talk and everyone talks about voice being omni-channel I’m not sure it’s penetrated though the walls of the hospital yet so on our next episode, which will be tomorrow on SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily. And if you want to go download that from the App Store, give us a good review. We appreciate it. We’ll kind of dive deeper into where voice has penetrated healthcare and in what ways. Signing off John and Mark.


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