Voice for Healthcare by Location, Patient and Provider

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Voice for Healthcare by Location, Patient and Provider


Hey, okay, SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily. We’re back, Mark Phillips and John Goss and yesterday we talked a little bit about big vendors and healthcare and voice. And today we’re going to discuss voice in general, and some of the use cases that we think are interesting in voice What do you think about voice for healthcare John?

John Goss 0:27
So I think there are a lot of places where voice can really benefit healthcare. I think before diving into the use cases, I think the use cases that have kind of scratched the surface of voice right now are most predominantly for the aging population. And even in those use cases, what we’ve seen is sample sizes that are pretty small. So while they’ve been fairly successful, the sample sizes have been groups lower than 15 at a time. And then also the effort to implement has been very high. So just from a technology standpoint, voice is still pretty new in terms of the learning curve, probably the, the main piece that we gained from from the Front Porch study, as well as just our own experience in the assisted living market is that there, you can’t just load up a bunch of voice skills for someone to consume all at once. You gotta just really give them one that they like, find out what that is and start there. But to answer your question, you know, where where do we think voice can really be helpful, low hanging fruit? Now I’m going to actually kick it back to you. And have you answer that question since I I talked a little bit about the Assisted living/senior living market.

Mark Phillips 1:39
Hey, thank you. I think assisted living is interesting and I think if we think healthcare in just sort of broad terms, we’ve got patients, we’ve got providers, and we’ve got different places where care’s provided whether that’s inside the walls of the hospital or in a physician practice. And so the interesting cases sort of break down in maybe four ways that we can talk about tomorrow. So one way would be location. One way would be, you know, who benefits whether that’s the patient and their family or their provider that provides the care I think that’d be a great topic to kick off tomorrow.

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