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Okay, hey, we’re back. It’s Mark Philips coming to you live from sunny, Sunny Chicago. And where I did indeed have to shovel snow yet again this morning, I am joined by my business partner and co-founder, John Goss. Say hello John.

All right. So we have been talking about voice for healthcare on the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing and now I think we’re going to turn our attention to another vertical that we think could benefit from voice and that is voice for the government. And as John has quite a bit of experience in this kind of arena for government, we’ll get his take, what do you think about voice for government John?

John Goss 0:47
Today, I’ll just give a couple examples of how voice has already penetrated government. But really what I would advocate for everyone is to really think of some opportunities where voice can really play a bigger, bigger presence in the transparency portion of government functions. And that could be public health, that can be municipalities that can be communications with constituents, etc. But where voice has been successful so far is at the state levels. And what I mean by that is there are voice skills that have been developed by a few companies for the state of Mississippi for the state of Utah, and some of their departments for the state of Georgia. And there are others out there. And most some of these have been done by private vendors that actually have a greater stake in how the operations are run for the state. So the state of Georgia in particular, they develop their skill in house and it’s and it’s developed off of their own back end where they had to unlock a bunch of, of data pieces to basically make the skill work. But in general, I think we’ve got a lot of opportunity and over maybe over the next four or five episodes will talk a little bit more deeper and how voice can affect government and in what positive of ways for constituents.

Mark Phillips 2:08
Yeah, a great take, I think, voice for governments. Pretty exciting actually. And so I look forward to unpacking that, that concept with you guys over the next few days as John said. Hey, if you get some value out of this, please do hop over there to Amazon and give us a good review. It’ll help us increase our reach there. We’ll talk with you guys tomorrow. Thanks.


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