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Voice Assistants for Government – Conversational Content


Everybody, this is SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. I’m John, we’ve got Mark on. We’re talking about governments and how governments can use voice and governments can mean a lot of things. But I think what’s a good starting point Mark for governments to try to think about how to use voice? What do they need to do?

Mark Phillips 0:25
Hey, I think probably one thing that’s the kind of an obvious starting point is the fact that governments have a lot of content already. So they’re already providing a lot of information for the citizens via things like web portals and call trees, so they have content already. Now that said, that content management that they have one, you have to be able to get to it. So you have to be able to get to those content management systems and sort of voice enabled them. But that said, also, you don’t want to just simply have a page or two page document narrated by a voice assistant. So you really want to think about conversational design. And how can you break that up into nice little conversational snippets that actually add value that actually answered questions in a conversational manner. So for example, if you want to provide information about a fishing license, you don’t want to read the regulation on fishing licenses, even though it happens to be in your content management system, you want to give snippets that are actually valuable, you know, fishing license cost $10, fishing license is valid from this date to this date, you know, you don’t want to read entirely what you have available to you via the content management system. So conversational design is really a new a new paradigm in exposing some of this stuff. And so folks will have to really think about that in order to provide a really good experience.

John Goss 1:58
Sounds great, Mark. I think the the takeaway then is that conversational design is not like designing a an app or a website it’s it’s really thinking through how people communicate and then providing the correct answers to those those requests via voice. If you’d like today’s news flash give us a SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing rating on Amazon, and we’ll continue this discussion tomorrow. Have a great day, guys.


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