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Voice Assistants for Local Government


Hey guys, welcome back. Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken, joined by my co-founder and business partner John Goss say hello, John.

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Mark Phillips 0:17
Alright, so we are back on the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, we’ve been talking a little bit about government and how voice can help government. And I think one of the things that we see a lot of potential in is the ability for small governments, local governments to use voice to connect with their citizenry. What do you think about that, John?

John Goss 0:42
I think there’s a tremendous opportunity for local governments to unlock the power and to control the narrative of how they provide transparency and what they give us information to their constituents. In order for local government to do that, they’ve got to be much more mindful of where and how that information is provided today, what their brand is like, and what they want their brand to look like in the future where voice is going to be one of the channels that’s present. For example, most local governments have a an economic development arm, and that arm is really the arm or a Convention and Visitors Bureau arm sometimes they’re one in the same. And those are really the two ways that they attract businesses and or visitors to their cities. And they are really kind of the tip of the spear in terms of what what information is disseminated to constituents as well. And the voice world, we really would want to switch that and all the operational side of government meetings, Bill Pay, where to park, new restaurant openings, ribbon, cuttings, city services, 311 all of that really is the city’s brand. It isn’t the economic development and so you really would want to as a city as as a voice first type of citie to think about how they can provide a better experience a more flexible and fluid experience via the voice channel than they do today.

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Love it, love it. Love the local government voice angle. I think that is awesome. Alright guys, so thanks for joining us again, please do head over to Amazon and give us a good rating for the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing that helps extend our reach and the voice community. Thanks a lot. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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