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Interactive Storytelling

There’s your music for you guys. Welcome to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. I’m John, we got Mark, we’ve got a great topic today interactive storytelling. It’s interesting because it’s a bit paradoxical. We’re going to do it on a flash briefing. But Mark, tell us about your take on interactive storytelling and voice.

Mark Phillips 0:25
Hey, I think I love the concept. It’s really become a big ticket item we’re starting to see all over. I think it comes in a little bit from the gaming industry a little bit from theater. But if you think about what folks like Earplay, or even Audible now will let you interact with story and I love the concept of being able to make decisions with a story that’s narrated back to me in character with voice over actors that make me really feel like I’m there. And then when I make a decision, it really changes. What is spoken in the story, the story line changes based on what I select. And so folks like Amy Stapleton are doing that with Earplay and Xandra Inc are doing that. Amazon’s audible has some content there. I think some of the the big media brands are doing things like that you’ve got Gimlet who was recently acquired which produce some interactive content, so content or interactive content is just going to be a big deal. And I think it’s really a pleasure to interact with. And one of my tips or tricks that I heard recently in interactive content is it really the choice has to matter, it can’t be you know, what’s behind door number two and door number to text you down a path that’s either very similar to what was behind door number one or really doesn’t make a difference. So there has to be some risks there has to be some some difference in outcome between your choices but love interactive storytelling, John.

John Goss 2:06
Fantastic take Mark, thanks for that little brief nugget of wisdom on Today on our SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, if you like us give us a good rating and y’all make it a great day and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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