Text to Speech (TTS) vs. Voice Actors

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Text to Speech (TTS) vs. Voice Actors

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Okay hey everybody Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken back for SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing joined by my business partner and co-founder John Goss, say hello John

John Goss 0:19
Hello everybody

Mark Phillips 0:20
Alright alright so now we have an interesting topic for the day which really sort of dovetails nicely with our storytelling one and that is whether to use text to speech or voice actors so do i use a machine voice that generated and available via Alexa or Google or do I use a human to record or narrate the voice. What do you think about that John?

John Goss 0:52
Well I think two things at right out of the gate one it depends on what you want to use it for but just off the cuff voice actors. Can you use Alexa and change your voice yes you have the ability to change Alexa’s voice today feel free to do it feel free to try it there are different voices there’s also software out there that can synthesize a computer voice from a set of voices and somewhat approximate a real person’s voice but my opinion is there is no, there is no comparison to having a voice actor. The interesting point of that is when we first got to the voice space I felt like voice actors I didn’t even understand what that meant but when you personify a brand and you associate a brand with a sound and a voice it makes complete sense and so a lot of brands are now doing that and so the voice itself can be old it can be young it can be male it can be female it can be southern it can be have some sort of accent so there’s there are all these different things that you think about when you think okay what’s my brand and then how can I use a voice to actually extend that brand in the voice space so absolutely use voice actors

Mark Phillips 2:06
Yeah I love the take and I think it really goes towards the authenticity of the experience or the authenticity of the brand and so that’s a great take John. Hey thanks for joining us again please do hop over to Amazon and leave us a review if you appreciate the content that’ll help us out we’ll talk again tomorrow see you guys


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