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Voice for Brand and Business Authenticity


Hello, everybody, welcome back to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. My name is John, I’ve got Mark here. And we’re going to continue on talking about authenticity, and voices for brands. And what does that really mean? First of all, your key word for the day is authentic. So what we want to try to do when we come to this flash briefing is to give you an authentic take on what we see as a voice space, and anything in between. But with that, I’m going to give it over to Mark for authenticity with your voice brand.

Mark Phillips 0:37
Hey, thanks, John. I think what is interesting, basically, in general, in the market today is the amount of sort of traction that is given to the idea that people don’t believe in brands, you know, they don’t believe in the brand, they don’t believe in the government, Edelman trust barometer is always talking about how people are kind of jaded. And so people will connect with things that are authentic things that have meaning, things where, you know, businesses or brands take a stand and their voice comes through, you can tell what they believe and so using voice to authentically connect with your customers is a big ticket thing. So I think brands that are trying to make their brand available via voice are going to have a great time when they do that with voice actors like John talked about yesterday. So one example that I think is really cool, is the Stubbs BBQ brand. And so Stubbs has a voice-over by the creator of the BBQ and it is very authentic, it feels like you’re getting some advice in the backyard while you’re grilling. And it’s done in that in that voice and it’s very real, it’s very authentic and you can just feel what that brand stands for. And I think other brands will want to do the same. So yeah, great. Great question, John.

John Goss 2:15
Awesome take Mark that’s andthat’s our take for the day on SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. If your like us, give us a rating over at the Amazon store, have a wonderful day. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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