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Voice for Aging in Place


Hey, everybody, we’re back. Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken. This is SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, we’re back to talk a little bit about something that we both are passionate about. But before we do that, I’d like to just give a quick shout out to Dr. Teri Fisher, who had been very supportive of us as we begin to put together this flash briefing, he has a great course for flash briefing content, does a great podcast and has his own flash briefing. So thanks a lot, Teri. We appreciate your help and your advocacy in the voice space. So what we’ll talk about today is the promise of voice for aging in place. What do you think about that, John?

John Goss 0:52
I think today and tomorrow we’ll try to cover a decent amount of it. But just to kick us off, one of the areas where voice there’s a bit a decent emphasis on voice is in the aging sector. And so that’s really anybody over probably 50 to 65 years old, and they would either want to age in their home, or they may actually be in some sort of assisted living facility for for today’s discussion. Let’s just say you live at home. What are the opportunities that an Alexa type device or a device that uses voice would be for those types of folks, it runs the gamut. But some of the big ticket items is it prevents or at least it helps with social isolation. If somebody lives at home, it helps with contacting and family members and keeping in touch there’s a there’s an element there where you can have caregiver input and interaction with a voice type device, whether that’s hospice care and home health care. You could also call and order pizza if you really wanted to. So it really runs the gamut. I think what’s interesting is that there are a lot of folks in the space trying to figure out how exactly it’s going to help the aging. And we don’t really know yet and so maybe tomorrow, we can talk a little bit more about it. But for today, those are some of the areas.

Mark Phillips 2:12
All right, hey, thanks a lot, John. Great take a lot of promise in the space maybe some challenges. Again, thanks for joining us. Please do hop over there to Amazon and give us a review SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. We appreciate it. talk tomorrow.


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