Voice Challenges for Aging in Place

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Voice Challenges for Aging in Place

Hello, everybody, welcome to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, I’m John, we’ve got Mark, and we’re continuing our discussion on Aging in Place some of the opportunities and challenges of where voice can help those folks that are rapidly becoming the largest sector of our population here in the United States. At the very least, Mark, what is your take on some of the maybe the challenges of those folks with voice and aging in place?

Mark Phillips 0:36
Hey, it’s a great take. So, you know, very bullish on the promise. But there are challenges there, some of it being just simply configuration challenges in some ways, it’s, if you’ve configured one of the voice devices and accounts and linking that takes a little bit of work to get used to. And a lot of times it’s done through mobile app on a phone. So older adults with dexterity challenges or vision challenges or challenges in that way, are going to have some trouble with that.

And other challenges, sort of the, the prosody of the speech responses on the devices. So if you think about that big fancy word for you know how fast or slow or not the cadence of speech and many, many times what they find is that the devices speak a little bit too fast out of the box for older adults. So there are some challenges in configuration setup, there are some challenges in interaction. There are some challenges in the ways that older adults are kind of segmented which are different for different age groups. So your 60 to 70 population is different than your 70 to 80 which is different than your 80 to 90. So there are people doing good work in the space Lifepod has a solution that kind of helps out with that. So kudos to Stuart Patterson. There’s another one AskMarvee with Heidi Culberston that’s out there and you know, those guys are doing good work. The platform vendors are probably adding features and capabilities that helped a little bit so I think we’ll see some of those challenges get addressed but it’s not just a plug and play experience for those that are trying to age in place at this point. Yeah, thanks John.

John Goss 2:35
Not plug and play got it. Also Mark dropped a little nugget. I want to remind you a key word of the day prosody if you don’t know what it is go and look it up and we’ll talk to you tomorrow. SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Give us a good rating on Amazon. Have a great day.


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