Curators, creators and meat platters

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Curators, creators and meat platters

Alright, hey everybody. Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken back today with the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing joined by my business partner and co-founder John Goss, say hey, John.

John Goss 0:19

Mark Phillips 0:20
Alright, so today we’ve got sort of a interesting take on a another word curate. So we’re going to get uses for the word curate from John. Go ahead, John.

John Goss 0:37
So I think the first use of the word curate is I’m going to back up and say that this episode is called an Easter egg. And for you guys that don’t know what an Easter egg is, you’ll have to look that one up to but most people in the in the space that have been programming software for a while know what an Easter egg is. So uses for the word curate. The first use for the word curate is I’m a curator of a museum. And so probably that’s where curated started to come from. It’s infiltrated the marketing industry in a huge way. Where I see the word curate used and it’s not really voice but it is always reminds me it’s funny is when somebody says they have a curated meat and cheese platter. I have no idea what that means, except that they hand selected some cheese and meat.

What about you Mark? What’s your what’s your, what comes to mind when you think of the word curate?

Mark Phillips 1:29
Well, it’s sort of binary. So their creators and their curators, I think there’s a place for both curators. Although I don’t find a lot of value in that unless they have a special take on the curated content. So that special selection on the meat and cheese platter better be tasty.

John Goss 1:49
Okay, what about what about content?

Mark Phillips 1:53
Curated content? Right. So I think that’s good. I think one thing that one person has done something really interesting is the non obvious trends curation that happens every year with a book published in January. And in that case, what we see is curated content that actually draws conclusions about different verticals and different industries and the intersection of those trends. So I think that is very, very cool stuff. So we want to thank you again, for joining SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please hop over to Amazon. Give us a good review, and we’ll talk with you again tomorrow. Thanks, guys.


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