Voice Driven Ubiquitous Pervasive Ambient Computing

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Voice Driven Ubiquitous Pervasive Ambient Computing


Hey everybody, Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken. This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. I’m joined by my business partner and co-founder John Goss, and we’re going to talk about something that’s kind of making the rounds. And that is this concept of ubiquitous pervasive, ambient competing. What’s that mean? For us when we talk about voice, John?

John Goss 0:35
Well, thanks Mark. You know from an earlier episode, I actually talked about a keyword and it was nonplussed, and I’m going to come a little nonplussed about ubiquitous pervasive computing because we talked about how they’re all kind of the same thing we think, but yet people seem to have overuse the word ubiquitous so we’re now on ambient but really what it is, what does it mean it’s intelligence and devices are everywhere. So the example I will always not always but yesterday I thought of is wouldn’t it be cool if you had these devices follow you from room to room so the so you’re doing a video chat with someone on your you like to pace around, or you wanted to continue the conversation as you walked because you needed to go upstairs that that video would basically pick up and the audio from whatever device you had to whatever device you were at, and then reconnect the feed. That’d be kind of cool. But in general, you know, ambient intelligence is going to change the way we interact. It’s going to change the way technology is in our lives. So obviously it’s going to be there all the time. I think we think of it being there all the time now but we choose to interact with our phones where I think really the idea of ambient intelligence is it’s a much broader perspective. Somebody in the industry that knows a ton about this is Brian Rama if you’ve never heard him go check him out on Twitter but he’s also created some cool stuff around the intelligence amplifier and the wisdom keeper that talks anecdotally but but by way of about this whole idea of ambient technology and where it is so for me I’m a little nonplussed today but that’s only because I like to use that word but it’s common guys and we’re all in this together

Mark Phillips 2:35
Super take John, ambient computing Voice-First, Voice everywhere. Hey, this is SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please do head over to Amazon and give us a review helps us increase our listenership. Thanks a lot, guys.


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