CMS Content Management Systems for Voice Apps

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CMS Content Management Systems for Voice Apps

Everybody, welcome to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Today we’re going to talk about something super important when you think about building skills. But just in general, the rise of content management systems, otherwise known as CMS is and then the secondary rise of its cousin of called headless CMS systems and what they’re used for why they’re important, and how they relate to the voice space. Mark, take it away.

Mark Phillips 0:35
Hey, thanks, John. So a lot of folks have invested heavily in content management systems and building content for the systems and then serving that content via different mediums, whether that’s the web or mobile or things like that. And I think the thing that’s interesting about voice is, as we think about trying to scale voice and the way that we work with voice, if we have the content that we deliver, and voice sort of hard coded, if you will, or embedded within the programming logic that we use to build voice applications, then we’re kind of brittle with this is a strategy that leaves us always having to get a look and update things within that deployed piece of voice app or that skill or action. So we see a lot of promise and being able to use something, which is, you know, a headless content management system gives us a benefit in two ways. One, is the way that Jargon goes at it where they want to localize content, so you want to be able to localized content for different languages. And that’s interesting. The other the other way that we think it’s really interesting is be able to deliver somewhat dynamic content that can change based on questions from users. And so you could load that content up into a content management management system, and then retrieve that and deliver that via your voice app. So we think content management systems will be big in the voice space. Thanks, John.

John Goss 2:20
Thanks, Mark. Great take you know what I think I want to think of headless Headless Horseman show. Well, welcome. We appreciate everybody on SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing listening today. If you like us, give us a good rating and you’ll make it a great day.


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