Shill, Shill, Shill, Is it Copacetic

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Shill, Shill, Shill, Is it Copacetic

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Okay, Hey everybody, Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken, joined by my business partner and co-founder John Goss. And we are back for another SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. And today in honor of Friday, we’re going to tackle a topic that we see out there in the Twitterverse, which is shill, shill, shill. Is it copacetic? What do you think about that, John?

John Goss 0:33
Well, Mark, I think a couple things about that. It’s not only a Twitter, it’s also in LinkedIn, it’s probably an Instagram. It’s a little bit on Medium, a lot on Medium actually. Because there’s always links and then maybe even Quora, for those of you delving into Quora, but what it what is it and what What don’t I like about it is, what’s easier, right? Is it easy to talk about yourself, and all the cool things that you do for your clients? And why your brand is so bad ass? Or is it easier for you to take a backseat and talk about the products that you’ve created and put your customer before you what we see a lot right now in social media, is that the Brit those folks in this, I’ll just speak straight up and voice. They’re selling themselves. They want to be speakers. They want to tell you how smart they are. They want to tell you how many cool voice apps they’ve built.

And they’re very, very less concerned about the fact that you know, the whole purpose of building a market is to add to the market is to add to the collective knowledge and grow together. And so it’s a little it’s a little disappointing, and that’s a small subset but that subset appears to be a broader and larger because they are so aggressive with what they put out on social media. It just clouds clouds up the theme junks up my feed. Can I unfollow? Sure, should I sure. But I guess the point is, is you know if you want to show yourself, great create you yourself as your brand, but don’t create your brand. So your brand, and then take other people’s stuff and push it through your pipe and then still talk about yourself. It’s super narrow minded, and it’s it’s selfish. It doesn’t do anybody any good. And then don’t bitch about people stealing your ideas either. There are no new ideas in this in this world. And so if you happen to come up with something cool, share it with everybody else. That’s how we all learn and grow. I’m done.

Mark Phillips 2:45
All right. Thanks, John. So get another candid raw, real deal take from SimpliSpoken. Thanks a lot, guys for joining us. We’ll be back Monday for the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Please do hop over to Amazon. Give us a good review guys and have a good weekend. Take care


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