Using SSML When You Don’t Have Voice Actors

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Using SSML When You Don’t Have Voice Actors

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Hey guys, this is Mark Phillips was SimpliSpoken This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. And today I just want to kind of continue our discussion on using SSML. And the reason I think that folks may want to consider using SSML is it as a way to kind of provide a more realistic voice when you don’t have access to voice talent or voice actors. So in many cases, I think most people would agree using voice talent or a voice actor to give your skill or your action, a little personality to give your voice app a little relateability to kind of transport people via that voice talent into sort of the experience that you’re trying to provide, it is always going to probably be a better experience. That said, if you do not have the resources to do that out of the box, out of the gate, then using SSML and the ability to control kind of the way things sound is absolutely a very nice way to go at getting something out there and getting some feedback and beginning to craft the personality that you you want to actually create with your voice experience. So I would encourage folks to look at the SSML, it’s an easy way to markup speech, it looks a lot like HTML, if you’re familiar with that. So you’ll you’ll put that in the string. So it’ll be something very simple. It’s a tag, you know, speak tag and then that has a break tag at the end and the things that you want it do come in the middle so please do check out SSML as a an easy on ramp, if you will, to provide a little personality to your speech experience if you don’t have a voiceover actor and that brings us to the end of another SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please do hop over to Amazon to the skill store and give us a good review helps increase our listenership. Thanks a lot. Guys


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