Amazon Announces HIPAA Compliance

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Amazon Announces HIPAA Compliance

Hey guys Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken joined by John Goss. And today is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we’re going to talk about a big announcement from Amazon recently that I think a lot of people are pretty excited about and that is their support for HIPAA. So, take it away, John. Thanks Mark.

As Mark said, big announcement from Amazon about their support for HIPAA for their devices. Just to kind of catch everybody what HIPAA stands for its Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. See, it’s it’s a US law that was designed to provide privacy standards to predict patient’s medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Most of us all know what HIPAA means when you would go to the doctor, you still go to the doctor’s office, you get a set of forums, and on the bottom, you do what’s called authorization. And those authorizations allow those records to be shared across sets of services or requests to be made of your medical records. why it’s important that Amazon supports it is number one, Microsoft has supported it for at least the last five to 10 years. But more importantly, it allows Amazon’s platform to now be compliant for voice applications to be built on top of them. Where there is a need for HIPAA compliance he do to patient health information.

Is this a big, big deal? It’s necessary and a great step forward in terms of what we’re voice needs to go in terms of its development.

Is it a little overdue? Yes. Will this accelerate the development of voice apps? With HIPAA like information? Probably not, there’s still going to be some legal ramifications that need to be figured out. And they’re also will be need to be some proven use cases where a HIPAA compliant device is actually necessary in terms of information sharing. So I think for now, it’s awesome, great first step, but the jury’s still out on what the next steps or sets of steps will be and how quickly they will come in terms of what that means for the voice space and the development of skills on top of HIPAA compliant Amazon Alexa devices. Back to you, Mark.

Mark Phillips 2:26
Yep, I think that’s a perfect take. And then the the only thing I might add is that I believe that they’ve only open that HIPAA qualified back in infrastructure up to a select few beta testers at this point. They’re big name, big name clients and institutions using it, but I don’t think that if you’re a startup in healthcare in the voice space, you can’t get there yet. So even that is not quite ready for you. But yeah, so hopefully that will will help promote healthcare for voice because a lot of people are excited about that. So thanks for joining us. Please do go over to the skill store and give us a good rating for SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing that helps increase our listenership. Thanks, guys.


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