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ROI on Voice

Hello, everybody, welcome to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. I’m John, we’ve got Mark, and today we’re going to talk about the ROI on voice. Where is it?

John Goss 0:15
What is it? How is it? Can you find it? Mark’s will kind of guide us through all the neat messy details of ROI on voice.

Mark Phillips 0:25
Hey, thanks, John. So I think one of the things that we’re very, very familiar with is the Customer question around ROI. And that comes up in pretty much every conversation and it probably should come up. So folks want to know, what do I get for my money if I, if I, if I believe what you’re telling me about the value of voice? And I think it is something that we need to do to be part of the channel? What is the return on that investment? And so I think probably the honest answer is the return right now is still pretty squishy, right? So there’s not a lot of metrics or data points that support voice from a customer perspective, where there’s been some demonstrable value there. So the thing that we fall back on is talking about things and I think Voicify has published a pretty good framework for it, which is, you know, you’ve got some risk if you’re not there, right. So if you aren’t there, and you don’t take advantage of the ability to be there for your customer in that channel. That’s one sort of missed opportunity that you can you can talk about. The other thing is you can talk about, you know, being there and the the benefits of being a participant in in voice and being early and having channel that has a billion devices and, you know, leapfrogging competitors and you know, kind of a land grab there. And then, you know, kind of in the third ROI metric bucket is you can look at things like efficiencies, right? And support costs that go down or, you know, number of customers interacting with your voice interaction, or, you know, if you can use the the platforms to measure what’s been enabled, you can get some sense of engagement with the platform. So again, that the stats and metrics are a little bit squishy. However, you can talk about you know, the risk of not being there, the the benefit of being there, and some of the the metrics that are at least, reasonably easier, easy to measure. So thanks, John.

John Goss 2:42
Thanks, Mark. We appreciate everybody listening to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Please give us a good rating on the Amazon store when you can. Everyone have a wonderful day.


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