Is Voice Just for Consumer Products

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Is Voice Just for Consumer Products

Alright, hey guys Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken, joined by John Goss. And today we’re going to talk about a topic that is kind of interesting. I think a lot of folks in the consumer packaged goods realm are looking at voice as a way to provide some benefits around operational efficiencies, customer service, some benefits on the customer journey for awareness and acquisition. So for CPG Voice seems to make a lot of sense. But the question is, is it really is it only for CPG? folks? Or are there some other benefits? And we’ll let John give us his take on that?

John Goss 0:47
Hey, Mark, thanks. Of course, there are other benefits. I think when on our on our news, yesterday, we talked about ROI and value and how to quantify that and what is the ROI but to kind of play off of that is productivity. So when you think of voice and you think of how many hours of employee productivity can be captured or saved. By using something that’s much more flexible, and frictionless such as a voice application, the the ideas are endless. So from just an employee productivity standpoint, there’s a ton of savings that can be had for any business using voice. Now you’ve got to think through those use cases. Of course, another place that we’ve always talked about our checklists, rapid repetitive tasks, any anything where somebody needs their hands, also is a good place for voice just out of the out of the gate. So if you’ve got to use your hands, you may want to be able to speak something at the same time. We’ve noted on a couple of our previous episodes in health care where if you’re in the OR, and you wanted to complete a checklist, you wanted to look up the type of stent that needs to be used for a particular cardiac catheterization procedure, there are a bunch of different ways that those of us that need to use our hands on a daily basis could utilize voice to make their the experience better and safer. So, you know, in the short term, or the short answer, Mark, is it just for consumer products No, I think when we talk about our previous episode of ROI, and also use this as a use case mapping exercise, back end employee productivity is and repetitive tasks and hands free work or pride three areas that you could focus your efforts if you wanted to try to think of use cases or build out some voice skills in that area.

Mark Phillips 2:40
Yeah, perfect. And that is interesting, because you don’t hear a lot of people talk about that. You hear a lot of people talking about the the value of voice from a customer facing perspective. But the fact is, that voice will impact a lot of things in that hands free back end environment’s really good opportunity. So hey, thanks a lot for joining us guys. Please do hop over to the Amazon skill store give us a good review for SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing that helps increase our listenership. We’ll talk with you guys again tomorrow.


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