Should I trust the Voice Assistant with my Brand

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Should I trust the Voice Assistant with my Brand

Hey, everybody, welcome to SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing this is John, I’ve got Mark and today we’re going to take on a new topic, which is voice assistants, and should we trust them with our brands? And Mark’s going to give us a little intro on our take on that?

Mark Phillips 0:22
Hey, thanks, John. So you know, John and I both have done prior episodes on first party versus third party. So we covered that in, we publish those on our web page. So you can go back and take a look the content, if you want to spin up on that. We’ve got the content from the podcast or the flash briefing transcribed. So it’s easy to easy to go and figure out what you want to get from that. But anyway, if we if we tell about the question just about trusting a voice assistant, like a Amazon or Google to communicate about your brand, that idea out of the gate, just a bad idea, right? I mean, those guys don’t have any ownership of content that would describe your expertise, your features, your function, they don’t have your brand voice them. So there’s a lot of reasons why you don’t want to leave that customer experience to chance that answer to Wikipedia, which may be one of those voices assistants goes out and get. So you want to be a trusted third party that provides a valuable answer that and your brand’s voice that has a set of content and expertise that you bring to the market. And so certainly, certainly the the thought is invest a little time and being the right answer and in get that first mover advantage over your competitors and make sure that you are the answer that problem lots of content for your brand. Don’t leave that to the voice assistant. So that’s our take. Thanks, John.

John Goss 2:05
Thanks, Mark. I think I have one thing about being a third party voice app is that the received a little bit of a shift in the discussion about how the apps are named or invoked as you may not actually even need to be invoking it by your brand name but by what kind of content you provide. So that’s just another little tidbit on how voices system could find you. Thanks for listening to the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please give us good rating in the Amazon store. If you like us and everybody make it a great day.


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