How to be the answer for an Alexa question

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How to be the answer for an Alexa question

Hello, everybody, welcome to the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. This is John and we’ve got Mark. Today we’re going to talk about Alexa devices, but there was a new feature that they rolled out. Oh, I don’t know, it’s been a while now. But we’re going to talk about how can you be found? How can a skill be found on a legacy device? Mark, you want to take it away?

Mark Phillips 0:30
Yeah. So yeah, just following up on our conversation, how can you How can you be the answer? Do you want to trust your brand to the voice assistant? And if we say no, it’s okay, well, how can I be the answer? And so the answer is, as you might expect, first build a voice app that has good customer engagement, because you provide some value, right? I mean, this is the bottom line, you have to do something that provides value in the first place. But beyond that, Amazon has a special way to let that platform know that you can do that. So you it’s called CanFulfillIntent request. And you basically add some keywords into the voice app or skills, metadata. So when you describe that, you add some keywords, and then you also implement a CanFulfillIntent request, which says, basically, hey, here’s the kind of stuff I can do. And then when a voice assistant user, ask Alexa, hey, you know, get me a car than your skill is invoked, because Alexa knows that you are the best resource to handle that. And we were talking and just a little bit before the before the flash briefing today, and that we think this is a big deal for first mover advantage. And it really is that eventually, maybe the the space will be crowded and they’ll be more competition to be the answer. But at this point, you need to put your skill metadata and which says hey, this kind of stuff, I can answer and then implement the can fulfill intent request to let the platform now what you can do. So that’s, that’s the tip on making sure that your customer skill can be found.

John Goss 2:39
Thanks, John. Thanks. Thanks, Mark. I think the way the story I would pick the picture I would paint for voice is if you’re at a rock concert, and you want to get a get the notice of the guy playing the music. You’re the only one in the front row. That’s the CanFulfillIntent. You’re the guy jumping up and down all by yourself, nobody around you waving your hands, they’re going to see everything single time. So that’s SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing for today. And if you like us, give us a good rating in the Amazon store and y’all make it a great day.


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