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Voice for Mental Health and Therapy


Alright, hey, hey guys Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken, this is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Thanks for joining us again, today, I think we’re going to turn our attention to a topic, which is interesting. And actually, a little bit fascinating, really, which is this, this idea that you can talk to a therapist through Alexa. And that, in fact, can make mental behavioral health slash, you know, addiction kind of care more accessible. So a lot of people in the country and probably a lot of people in the world struggle with, you know, anxiety, depression, sort of behavioral issues, and their challenge is really to fund therapists that can help them that has availability, that’s a good match that is affordable. So there, you know, some different apps that are trying to, to handle that and talk spaces. One, there’s a new app called the difference. And I think, there it’s interesting, it’s really an interesting concept. It’s how can you virtualize care? And are you able to expand access and overcome some of the hurdles that we face when we’re trying to make sure that the population gets access to care that they need? And so I don’t think people have any aspiration or ambition, in the beginning, at least to take care of, you know, sort of deep-seated problems that are best handled in person, but help to manage some of the more surface level problems. I think it’s an interesting concept. And it’s just one more spot one more kind of data point that shows you that voice is going to change competing in the way people interact with and live their lives in a big way. So we think that is fascinating. And we’re going to stay tuned and watch that very closely. So hey, this is another SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we hope you’ll hop over to the skill store and give us a good review. Thanks a lot guys.


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