Voicehub.Io a New Content Management Voice Platform

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Voicehub.Io a New Content Management Voice Platform


Alright, hey guys Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken, this is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we’re back again to talk about a recent beta that has launched by a company called voice hub. And I think they build themselves as the backbone of voice apps. And they have a few things that are kind of interesting. So they’ve got a content management system embedded in their platform, they have user management embedded in their platform, they have some analytics and reported reporting embedded in that platform. So that you can get sort of a one-stop shopping for producing content that lives in that content management system, being able to track and provision users being able to understand and get some insight into what users are doing. And then if you think about content management that would also help you support things like localization. So in a sense, it’s it’s a company, I believe in Germany that they have a similar thought or philosophy as maybe jargon with the content management piece, at least. Although jargon has a lot more emphasis on localization and being able to translate your stuff into different languages and different geographies. So it’s interesting. So voicehub.io will integrate into your normal stack and allow you to target Google actions or Alexa skills. And so it’s just released. I mean, yesterday was the first day was available for developers to enter into the beta. We took a quick look at it, it’s interesting, if you want something that helps you do content and analytics and user management, that may be pretty interesting thing to check out. It is not a sort of a drag and drop design or like a voice flow or that kind of technology. So you’re that’s not what you get with that. But that said, if, if this particular type of platform is good for your particular use case, it’s an interesting technology and another independent platform vendor in the voice space. So that’s SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please do hop over to skill store, and give us a good review. Thanks a lot guys.


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