The Government is Threatening Big Tech

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The Government is Threatening Big Tech

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Alright, hey guys Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken. This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we’re back again to talk about a topic that is an interesting development in the technology space that does impact voice. And it’s this report that the Justice Department is preparing a kind of investigation of Google and possibly an investigation into Facebook. And I think in there’s this real kind of backlash against tech companies. And part of the backlash is about antitrust and power and sort of, you know, anti-competitive kind of presence in the market. And part of the backlash is really about privacy and consumer our Rights and Privacy Protection. And so I think the reason why we talk about it today is because it’s a big deal in the marketplace. And I think this will actually impact what we see come out of big technology vendors in the voice space to come. So we talked a little bit about Amazon, delete what I said, Alexa, delete what I said, we talked about, some of Facebook’s work in the privacy space, we talked about Google talking about how important it is for privacy, of course, Apple is been all over and maybe this is actually impacted some serious development is because Apple doesn’t rely on kind of the same machine learning capability to understand what people are saying, because they, they employ a strategy that uses a little bit more privacy protection. So we talked about the fact that the government and maybe the FTC, are going to look at investigating some of the big tech companies, because we think that will impact their voice strategies to come. So it’s a big ticket development, it really has punished some of the companies in in the stock price arena. And we’ll see we’re a long way from an investigation. But I think even the threat of that kind of thing will impact how these technology companies work in the voice space. So hey, SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, please do hop over the skill store and give us a good review. Thanks a lot, guys.


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