A Wearable Vibration Sensor for Accurate Voice Recognition

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A Wearable Vibration Sensor for Accurate Voice Recognition

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Alright, hey guys, Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we’re back in talking about an article that was just published in the Science Daily publication. It’s interesting because researchers have developed this kind of flexible, wearable vibration responsive sensor, and that sensor is attached to someone’s neck. And that precisely recognizes voice through the vibration on the net. And that is interesting because it’s not affected by ambient noise or volume of sound. And so if you think about a couple of arenas, where that might be really interesting is in the sterile environment and healthcare when folks are masked up, you can use those on scan sensors to recognize the voice. And it’s pretty, pretty accurate. So I think that’s an interesting use case. Another case is for folks that want to interact with voice assistance that may not want to make their conversation projected around the room. And so they may be a little bit nervous about interacting with voice assistance and kind of allowed fashion. So you can think about that it really is sort of this. It takes the surrounding out of the equation. So think about there, there are two things we think about far field, which is you know, can that thing be good enough to recognize the voice across the room, and the near field, you know, which is kind of coming back. But this sort of on skin is almost a third category, which is pretty cool. And I think this is kind of this human machine interface that continues to improve and improve. And we’re excited about that kind of technology. It’s still in the research space, but I think that’s going to be a very interesting, interesting capability in the voice arena. All right, guys. Hey, thanks for joining. Please do hop over to the skill store and give us a good review. That’s the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing. Thanks guys.


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