Consumer Reports Bringing Smart Speakers to the Late Majority

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Consumer Reports Bringing Smart Speakers to the Late Majority

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Alright guys, Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing, and we’re back again talking about a interesting kind of a trailing indicator in the Consumer Reports recent release of a 21, smart speaker superpowers post. So they’re talking about getting more from your Echo your Google Home, your Apple home pod to make your life easier. And they give a host of examples, those 21 examples of ways that you can use those smart speakers and they talk about their ratings for smart speakers and offer you the ability to access those ratings. And so I think what is interesting about that is that Consumer Reports caters to a swath of the population that asked for recommendation and reviews. And in many cases, those folks are not already on the cutting edge of smart speaker technology. So that is a pretty decent indicator that maybe one they wanted to create a little buzz or rod on top of the smart speaker momentum in the market. But the second thing is that really, this is kind of an indicator that if you look at the technology adoption curve, that that kind of later majority, not the super early adopters, but a little bit later majority. Consumer Reports felt like that majority deserve to know a little bit more about smart speakers. So I think that’s cool. It’s interesting, sort of, you know, one more thing, we’re always looking at tea leaves in the market to try to figure out adoption and where the, where the smart speaker market is going. And that is one indicator that at least Consumer Reports feels like it’s a trend worth following. So hey, thanks a lot guys. Please do hop over to the skill store and give us a good review. That’s the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing.


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