One of Our Favorite Tools

Join the Voice Revolution One of Our Favorite Tools

Alright, hey guys, Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken back again for another SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash briefing, we’re back today to talk a little bit about a tool we use that we’re pretty big fan of. And that is a tool called Otter AI, that’s And this tool is used to do all of our recording transcription. So it’s automated completely. So we use in our kit, you know, focus, right with Mike and pop filter and all the things that folks used to do this every day day in and day out. And then we record into Audacity, because we happen to be Windows users and Audacity is a free tool to record with. And then from there, we upload those recordings to Anchor.FM, which serves as our distribution service for micro cast flash briefing content. And then we upload the recordings also to Otter.AI. And Otter does a very nice job for us in transcribing the content of those recordings. And then we’re able to then edit that content and to fix the little things like small small things where the voice recognition doesn’t quite get it right. But for the most part, we don’t have to do a lot so we make a small edit to the recorded transcription file. And then we use that recorded transcription in a blog post for content on website so great, great tool, great technology. big fans of the folks at auto re so thanks a lot for those guys what they’re doing and it really has made our podcast transcription process of worries. Alright guys, so we’ll be back again tomorrow. This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash briefing. Thanks, guys.


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