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Voice for Healthcare by Location, Patient and Provider

Hey, okay, SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily. We’re back, Mark Phillips and John Goss and yesterday we talked a little bit about big vendors and healthcare and voice. And today we’re going to discuss voice in general, and some of the use cases that we think are interesting in voice What do you think about voice…
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Big Healthcare Vendors and Voice

Welcome everybody to the SimpliSpoken voice Daily News flash. I’m John, we’ve got Mark with us and we’re going to continue our series on a deeper dive into healthcare in honor of HIMSS that’s happening this week. For those of you that don’t know, that’s the big healthcare show that everybody attends, and nothing gets…
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Voice for Healthcare

All right. Hey this Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken coming to you live from sunny, Sunny Chicago, where it did snow again last night. And it is snowing again. Today, I’m joined by my co-founder and business partner John Goss, say hello, John. John Goss 0:24 Hey guys, how’s everybody doing today? Mark Phillips 0:27 Alright,…
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