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Amazon Polly Gets New Voices

Alright guys, Mark Phillips with SimpliSpoken. This is the SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash briefing back again talking about a recent announcement by Amazon. And that’s this Amazon Polly launch of newscaster voice and neural text to speech. So if you think about newscaster, it just imitates news person style. So if you want to…
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SimpliSpoken Podcast Studio Setup

Text to Speech (TTS) vs. Voice Actors

Okay hey everybody Mark Phillips here with SimpliSpoken back for SimpliSpoken on Voice Daily Flash Briefing joined by my business partner and co-founder John Goss, say hello John John Goss 0:19 Hello everybody Mark Phillips 0:20 Alright alright so now we have an interesting topic for the day which really sort of dovetails nicely with…
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